After Hours doctor telehealth service

  • Try our virtual out-of-hours GP service. Available 5-10 pm on weekdays; 8 am – 8 pm on weekends.
  • See qualified kiwi virtual doctors with Practice Plus NZ
  • Speak to a GP on your smartphone, iPad or computer 
Practice Plus NZ | Virtual out of hours doctor | Kiwi online GP

Now you can book an NZ after-hours virtual GP consult

Did you know that we have partnered with a virtual GP in NZ? Of course, we understand your healthcare needs don’t stop when our clinic is closed! Therefore, we’ve chosen an after-hours telehealth solution called Practice Plus. It’s good to know an outstanding kiwi online doctor app is here to help you for those moments when you need urgent care. Moreover, we feel confident we can offer continuity of care following your consult because Patient Plus will send your patient notes to your usual GP at Ormiston Medical. It’s part of our ongoing promise to support your entire health journey.

Discover why we selected Practice Plus NZ for your after-hours telehealth support. 

How much does a virtual out-of-hours GP consult cost with Practice Plus NZ?

Before the consult, you will pre-pay the will pay virtual consult fees directly to Practice Plus, which are:

  • $19.50 for Community service cardholders
  • $55 for ages 13 and under
  • $68 for ages 14 and over

Naturally, your payment will only be taken after your appointment ends.

Practice Plus NZ

To book a virtual Practice Plus GP consult:

  • First, use a wifi enabled phone or digital device.
  • Then, click on the ‘Book After Hours Consult’ button from this page.
  • Enrol with Practice Plus or login if you’re a returning NZ patient.
  • Pre-pay for your consultation. Please note, you will only be charged after your appointment ends.
  • Next, book a virtual consult time that suits you. OR wait online in the queue for the next GP to become available.
  • Practice Plus NZ will email you a link 15 minutes before the appointment starts.
  • Download any scripts or lab forms issued by the virtual GP from your email or our Patient Portal after your appointment.
  • Later, your regular Ormiston doctor will be able to see the notes from your online consult on MyIndici.

When to see an after-hours virtual telehealth doctor (vs going to A&E in person)

Unavoidably, there are times when you’ll need emergency care in person. Remember, if you have a serious injury, illness or emergency, call 111 for an ambulance. Also, we recommend East Care Urgent Care for services including:

  • suspected fractures or sprains
  • stitches, burns or wound dressing
  • allergic reactions

What a kiwi online GP can help you with (with the virtual Patient Plus doctor team):

  • Typically, urgent or repeat Prescriptions can be issued: this might be for ear or eye infections, sexual health or lab tests
  • Additionally, you can get screening and diagnosing of pain or illness
  • An NZ virtual GP can discuss health needs that can be assessed virtually, including fevers, rashes, mental health, long-term condition management, Covid-19 or viral symptoms
  • Additionally, the virtual out-of-hours GP can clarify if you do indeed need to go to an Urgent Care facility
Kiwi online Doctor | Practice Plus NZ | telehealth after-hours

Health care professionals who can help connect you to a Practice Plus GP

Patient Services
Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Teochew and Malay. Annette is qualified in General Nursing (SRN) and Midwifery (SCM). She has worked in the UK and Malaysia.
Customer Service
Fluent in English and Samoan. Kerry is an experienced Customer Support Representative who loves helping people.
Customer Service
Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Kelly Chen was born in Hong Kong and raised in Auckland. She is an experienced customer service provider.
Customer Service
Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Malay. Sally has extensive people focused experience from careers in New Zealand and Malaysia.
Team Lead
Fluent in English and understands Samoan. Quintina graduated with a Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management at the International Travel College of New Zealand (ITC).
Insurance Coordinator/Account Administrator
Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and Hokkien. Yian Huei Low moved from Malaysia to New Zealand in 2016 and has a background in customer service.
Business Manager
Dave speaks English. Dave has a background in ED nursing and is passionate about delivering business solutions that ensure patients get the best care available for the best price possible.
Service Manager
Fluent in English and Tongan. Fatai started his General Practice journey in 2016 as a Medical Administrator and later became a Practice Manager in Mangere and Mt Wellington clinics.
General Manager
Trained in Leadership and management. Lucy leads Practice Services for Ormiston Medical. She has a Diploma in Physiotherapy from the University of Otago.
Practice Plus NZ | Virtual online GP | telehealth after hours

About Practice Plus

Practice Plus is a same day after hours service that works in streamline with GP networks to secure a continuity of care between patients day to day GP, and a GP virtual service.

Practice Plus is proudly supported by East Health. Practice Plus prides itself on increasing your access to primary care options.

Practice Plus FAQs

Practice Plus is there for you when you need to see a doctor after regular business hours. This includes weekday evenings and weekends. Via their online app, you can get help with things like a diagnosis of symptoms of illness or pain and emergency prescriptions. All you need is a smartphone or WIFI device. While you won't see your usual GP, the doctor you speak to online will give the outcome of your consultation to your regular GP via the Patient Portal, MyIndici.

Remember, if you have a serious emergency, call 111 or to see a GP in person, go to East Care Urgent Care or Middlemore Hospital.

Botany Junction is committed to promoting patient safety throughout their entire health journey. This includes looking after your wellbeing when we are not open. We’ve chosen Practice Plus because they work with our GPs to give feedback on your health. This online doctor service aims to maintain a high quality of healthcare for you in partnership with your day-to-day GP.

No, your after-hours virtual Practice Plus GP will share notes with your regular GP via Myindici to ensure you get the best possible healthcare.

Yes, all prescriptions will be securely sent to you via email and your selected pharmacy electronically through the NZ ePrescription Service by your Practice Plus GP.

If you don’t want your notes to be shared with your regular GP, then please ask the Practice Plus GP, and they will not pass on your notes. Unless requested to do otherwise, the Practice Plus GP will share your notes with your regular GP, via Myindici to ensure that continuity of care is maintained.

Getting started with Practice Plus is as simple as 4 easy steps;

  1. Go to the Practice Plus website and register with your details.
  2. Choose whether to wait in the queue or book an appointment between 5-10 pm on weekdays, and 8 am-8 pm on weekends.
  3. Pre-pay for your appointment; you’ll only be charged after the session.
  4. Check your email for a link to the consultation 15 mins before your meeting time. Tap the link on a device of your choice and begin your consultation!

Proudly supported by East Health Trust PHO, Practice Plus prides itself on improving your access to primary care options.