COVID-19 vaccine

Getting the Covid-19 vaccine is one of the main ways that you can protect your health and wellbeing during this pandemic. It is also an important step towards a return to normality. Everyone in NZ, 5 years and over are eligible.

How does it work

All vaccines prevent disease by working with your body’s natural defence systems. It does this by activating your immune system and producing antibodies against the virus. As a result, being vaccinated against Covid-19 means your body is ready to fight the virus if you become exposed to it.


The good news is, all Covid-19 vaccines used in New Zealand have been through rigorous testing and are approved by Medsafe. They must meet strict standards for quality, safety, and efficacy. Moreover, dosage has been carefully checked for children, so you can be confident about all of the family getting immunised. Read more about Covid-19 vaccine safety.

Potential side effects

Evidently, the most common side effects are pain at the injection site, a headache or feeling tired. However, muscle aches, joint pain, fever and nausea can also occur. Be assured, these side effects are usually mild and do not last long. The side effects actually show that the vaccine is working by activating your immune system. It does not prevent you from having the second dose. Serious allergic reactions do occur but are extremely rare. Of course, our vaccinators are trained to manage these.

What happens after my vaccine

Following your Covid-19 vaccination, you will be asked to wait for 15 minutes afterward. This is a standard precaution so our team can check you do not have a serious allergic reaction. 

When can I be vaccinated

New Zealand has purchased sufficient vaccines supplies for all who live here. Thankfully, now everyone over the age of 5 is eligible to be vaccinated. Ongoing, Ormiston Medical is working closely with the regional Covid response team and we will provide further updates once the vaccine becomes more widely available.

Book your vaccination

Now that a National booking system has been set up, kiwi’s can schedule vaccinations on the official system. Simply select Ormiston Medical from the list and enter code KDE8ZFQ93D. Alternatively, you can also choose our sister clinic, Botany Junction Medical if that’s more convienient.

Further information

If you would like further information about the Covid-19 vaccine and how this can protect yourself and your whānau, please visit

Before you get vaccinated, please let us know if you:

  • Have had an allergic reaction to any vaccine or injection in the past.
  • Take a blood thinning medication or have a bleeding disorder
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
All booking are made through the National Booking system, including those for children’s Covid vaccinations and Covid-19 boosters.

Clinicians providing Covid-19 vaccination


有超过 20 年的护理经验

  • 纽西兰曼努考理工学院护士学士


如您想在我们的诊所注册,您先需要填写我们初级卫生保健机构(Primary Health Organisation,简称 PHO)的注册表格。这是新西兰卫生部的规定。您还需要身份和资格 证明:

  • 新西兰护照或新西兰出生证明,或
  • 其它国家的护照与永久居民签证、居民签证、或 24 个月以上的工作签证



在健康询问会诊中,护士将会测量您的身高、体重、血压等,和简单的跟您相谈病史 ,让我们的医疗团队更好了解您的健康状况。



0-13 岁-15 分钟
15 分钟
13 至 17 岁-15 分钟
15 分钟
18 至 39 岁15 分钟
15 分钟*
30 分钟
40 岁或以上15 分钟
30 分钟
45 分钟

* 注:如果您患有长期疾病,请预约 30 分钟。


您在首次会诊后便能使用您的 MyIndici 患者平台。

请在会诊后尽快支付诊费。没有付清的款项每月将会有 $10 额外行政费用。


我们建议您通过您的 MyIndici 患者平台预约。.



MyIndici 患者平台是一个可以让病人看到自己的健康资讯的安全网站。如果您想开通您的患者平台,请致电诊所 (09) 265 1325 或电邮至。

我们建议您在没有药前两周通过您的 MyIndici 患者平台要求重复处方。如果您还没有 开通您的患者平台,请致电诊所 (09) 265 1325。 我们的医生会通过电子处方系统把您的处方直接发去您所选的药房(请注明药房名称 和地点)。
任何是我们的医生开出的检验,在医生检阅结果后就能在您的 MyIndici 患者平台看到。如果您的化验结果有任何异常,我们的医疗团队会联络您。

我们诊所的办公时间是周一至周五,上午 8:30 至下午 5:00。

在办公室见外请前往 East Care 急诊中心,260号 Botany Road, Golfland, Auckland 2013。
电话:(09) 277 1516


Under 14 Years - Free 14 - 17 years - $14 18 years & over - $16


如果您不能如期出席您会诊,请提前 2 小时通知我们诊所,否则将会有收费。