Health Care Fees

We provide outstanding low cost health care for the east Auckland community. If you need a GP in Ormiston, we’re enrolling new patients at our modern medical centre. Dedicated to provide high-

People with Community Service Cards qualify for additional discounts. 


14 岁以下


14 至 17 岁


18 岁或以上(面对面会诊 、电话问诊或视频会诊)


A health consultation with one of our friendly general practitioners is free for anyone aged under 14.

14 至 17 岁,诊费为 $13.00 。

22 岁以下的患者能享用政府资助,性健康会诊免费。

Consultations in person, over the phone or by video link are all charged the same low fee. Each consultation takes 15 minutes and is for one issue only. If you need to discuss more in-depth issues, there is an option to book a 30-minute consultation for a fee of $99.50.

Also, you can also make an appointment with our diabetes nurse for expert diabetes health care. The cost for a 20-minute diabetes appointment is $19.50.

All consults must be pre-paid on the day. Following your appointment, any further fees or credits will be organised by our customer service team.

*Please note that there will be a surcharge of $10 for any consults outside of normal working hours. This will apply to any consultations before 8 am from Monday to Friday.


  • 14 岁以下
  • 免费
  • Prescription for under 14                      outside of a GP consult
  • $12
  • 14 至 17 岁
  • $16
  • 18 岁以上
  • $18.50
  • 紧急处方(如果在中午前要求,能在当天拿到)
  • $32


  • 性健康
    (22 岁以下)
  • 免费
  • 护士(不含医用消耗品)
  • $12-$19.50


  • 私人专科
  • $22
  • 公立专科
  • $8.50

These are consultation fees for healthcare only – there are additional charges for materials, tests and reports outside of the normal consultation time with out Ormiston General Practitioners.


Fortunately for kiwis, our Government subsidises each of our enrolled patients. That helps us to provide low cost health care and GP visits for our Ormiston whānau. The consultation fee for unsubsidised casual patients aged 17 years and older is $80. For casual patients under 17 years of age, the consultation fee is $50. Enrol as a patient with one of our 我们诊所 for world-class health care, cost effective healthcare fees and outstanding friendly service.

Fees for Non-New Zealand Residents

If you are a non-New Zealand resident, you are not eligible to enrol with us, but we can still see you. You will be charged at the following rates: 17 years and older $106. Under 17 years of age $78.


Naturally, we understand that things can change on the day, but we ask that you call us on (09) 265 1325 取消您的预约 或改期。

If we do not hear from you minimum of 2 hours prior to your scheduled time or you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, you will receive an invoice for the fee of the healthcare appointment that was missed.

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Enrol with one of our general practitioners at Ormiston Medical today to take advantage of our friendly low cost health care for the whole whānau.